MORKAS was born in Mexico in 2015, we’re super young!
We’re a couple of siblings who decided to venture into the world of footwear.
Without knowing what we were doing we met many people willing to help us, so we created our amazing team and little by little we defined what we wanted
MORKAS to be.

We focused on our client’s lifestyles trying to add value to their daily life, we decided to create TIMELESS, CLASSIC AND COMFORTABLE styles which could fuse with their lifestyle, making it more fun through colors and textures…
That’s how MORKAS was born!

We always seek for excellence in our products that’s why we personally take care of supervising the process and finishes to ensure international quality.

We are characterized by using 100% natural leather insoles which are protected with an antibacterial and anti-odor treatment.

Our materials are carefully chosen. Many have natural details that makes them unique.

Some of our styles are lined with 100% natural jute and are hand woven.

We want to add value to our society, showing that we can create high quality products without sacrificing price, fair work and wages, supporting each other among entrepreneurs and diversifying our reach.